IML Fusion Trader

What is IMLFusionTrader?

IMLFusionTrader is an automated platform for mirror trading. Whether you're sleeping, partying, working, or all three, your trading account will automatically mirror the trades our experts make. You can turn it on and off whenever you like and we provide you simple settings which will help you control your account.

Is IMLFusionTrader included with my Platinum Package subscription?

IMLFusionTrader service can be used only by active users of the IML Platinum Package with special Fusion Trader package which can be added in backoffice on iML. If you are IBO, you still need to purchase Platinum Package with Fusion Trader in order to get access to our service.

How do I login to IMLFusionTrader?

Only IML users with active Platinum Package and Fusion Trader package can login to IMLFusionTrader using their username and password for iMarketsLive. If you can not login check your login credentials or order history.

Can I trade Live or Demo with IMLFusionTrader?

Our system is working with all accounts, both Demo and Real. In order to connect your Real/Demo account you need to enter your credentials for your trading account, same as for MT4 (MetaTrader4 terminal). We also recommend to watch the videos posted on our Social Wall before connecting your account to our system to see instruction on how to get started. It will take couple minutes to setup your account.

What is the recommended account size minimum for a Live Account?

$300 is the smallest account balance we can accept when connecting live (real) accounts. Your account will stop copying trades if your deposit is smaller than $100 to protect your balance.

What brokers can I use with IMLFusionTrader?

Any from this list: * OANDA GLOBAL * TRADERSWAY(ECN or VAR) * TALLINEX * FXCHOICE * HotForex * XM.COM * FXPRO * Alpari * JAFX * AvaTrade * CapitalCityMarket (CCM) * FXTM * VantageFX * Pepperstone * LMFX * Activtrades

Does IML have access to my broker account?

No, IML doesn't have access to your broker account.

Can I turn my mirror trading on and off at anytime?

Yes, you can turn mirror trading on and off at any time. All you need to do is to login to your account on IMLFusionTrader and choose "Select Master" for the account you want to stop following your Master. At this time our system will stop executing all trades on your account and will close all Master's trades.

How Can I switch Traders?

You can switch between Master Traders at any time, but you need to remember that switching to another Master will close all current trades if your Master has any open positions.

If I am not getting trades, what could be some common reasons?

These are some of the most common reasons you may not be receiving trades: * You may have entered an incorrect account number or password to your trading account or chose the wrong broker. We remind you that your credentials should be absolutely the same as you are using to login to MT4 platform. * Your account may have too small of an account balance. We accept accounts not smaller than $300. Your account will stop copying trades in case if your deposit is less than $100. However if ...