Getting Paid/Commissions

How do I get paid commissions?

If you are participating in the IBO portion of iMarketslive and are actively earning commissions then you will be paid these commissions weekly to a Paylution account. Once you have been paid to your Paylution account you may withdraw your commissions in the following ways: * Transfer to Paylution Debit Card * Bank Transfer to your local bank

When are commissions paid?

All commissions are accumulated and paid weekly in iMarketslive. The commission period runs from Tuesday to Monday and then commissions are paid out on the following Friday. Example: For the commission period from July 4th, 2017 until July 10th, 2017 the commissions would be calculated on Thursday July 13th but then would be paid out on the following Friday July 21st, 2017.

Why can’t I activate My Paylution Account?

Since only IBOs earn commissions, you need to make sure that you have an IBO account. If you don’t see the “Reports” tab when you log in, it means you have a Customer account. If you have just upgraded to IBO in the past 7 days, your Paylution account is still in the process of creation. You will receive the activation email before your first commission. If you received an email saying you have been paid (there should be an amount stated in the email), but still hasn’t received the activation ...

I have a Paylution account but it does not accept my e-mail and password?

If you have earned commissions and have a Paylution account set up, and are unable to access, please contact support so that we can check and enable the account for you.

I have earned commissions but I was not paid on Friday- Why?

If you have earned commissions for a period and have not had a deposit then these are the most likely reasons: 1. Remember that the commission period is from Monday to Tuesday for the previous earnings and these earnings are then paid on the following Friday. (Please see for further detailed explanation) 2. If you were inactive during the time the commissions were calculated and paid (you need to have an active account to be pai...

Why didn't I receive my Rank Achievement Bonus?

Rank Achievement Bonus is given to those who are able to maintain the required rank for 90 consecutive days. This type of bonus is usually given on the second week of the month.

Why was I not paid for the people I personally signed up?

The most common reasons for not seeing/being credited for a person you personally signed up are: * Your referral may have signed up within a period when you were still a customer. * You may have missed paying for your IBO fee on time. * Their payment must have been declined. * They may have used a different link when they signed up. * They may have signed up within a period that is yet to be paid.

Why did I receive $1 less in my Paylution account?

Paylution takes a $1 transaction fee for every commission we load to your Paylution account

I just achieved the rank requirements, why is my rank not updating?

While the volume updates real time, the rank updates the day after. Expect your rank to update within the next 24 hours.

I ranked up last week, why was I paid lower than I expected?

Last week’s period is going to be paid approximately 11 days after. Please refer to When are Commissions Paid? ( for more information.

What is the difference between Total GV and Qualified GV?

Total GV counts all the active Platinum subscribers in your tree. Qualified GV is the calculation based on the 55/40 rule (55% of each leg must be customers and only 40% of the Total GV can come from each leg)

Can I use my commissions to pay for my iMarketslive subscription?

At this point in time there is no direct way for you to pay your iMarketslive subscription with your earned commissions. We do have some members who transfer their funds to their pre-paid Paylution card and pay their commissions that way, but we cannot guarantee this will work for everyone and do not recommend it as a general practice.

Why does my member shows Active but no volume is coming from him/her?

The “Active” column just shows the ability to log in to the iMarketslive website. If there’s no value in the PV field, it means the member’s Platinum subscription is unpaid. If your customer is on 2 & It’s Free, there will be no volume coming from him/her as volume is generated from payments.

Why did my commissions disappear!?!?

Paylution funds must not be kept idle in your Paylution account. We have an Inactive E-Wallet Policy: 8.06 INACTIVE EWALLET If the Independent Affiliate has not logged into his/her IML eWallet account within ninety (90) days, even if his/her IML account is still open, any and all funds in his/her IML eWallet account will be forfeited and returned to IML.