What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that iMarketslive offers as a payment method to those who do not wish to use or do not have a credit card. We process bitcoin payments through a third party processor - BitPay (

Is Bitcoin available worldwide?

Yes, Bitcoin is available to everyone all over the world. It is a decentralized digital currency.

How can I buy Bitcoin?

There are many different ways you can get Bitcoin. One of the most well known ways is through localbitcoins ( There are of course many different ways and many different services out there, you can choose the one that is most convenient to you.

How can I check the transaction status of my payment?

If you have paid your invoice via bitcoin and it does not confirm within 15 minutes then the invoice has likely either already been paid, is pending or is expired. If you believe your transaction may be stuck then please contact support with the following information: 1. Your IML Account ID Number 2. The Bitpay Invoice ID 3. The Bitcoin Transaction Hash (or the link to check the transaction on the blockchain)

I have paid my Invoice with Bitcoin - Why am I still Inactive?

If you have paid your invoice with Bitcoin and still show inactive after 15 minutes (this is when the BitPay invoice times out) then you will need to make payment again on a different invoice. If the Bitcoin transaction does not confirm, then the funds will be returned to your wallet but it is a process that could take up to 30 days. iMarketslive does not have any control over the actual processing times or speeds of Bitcoin. To ensure that you do not have any issues with payment via Bitcoin...

I requested a Bitcoin Refund but it has not returned to my wallet yet?

If you have requested a refund through Bitcoin - please note that you will receive an e-mail confirmation from our processor BitPay ( with further instructions for retrieval. Once the refund has been issued, if you have any questions as to the status of the refund you will need to contact BitPay directly.